Gourds are one of the oldest cultivated crops that are believed to have spanned the entire globe in prehistoric times. They were known mostly by cultures in temperate and tropical zones because this is where gourds grow best. Gourds were most commonly used for storing supplies, hauling water, making cooking and eating utensils, musical instruments, bird feeders,bird houses, and rattles. Today gourds are still considered one of nature's greatest gifts to mankind.

There are many surprising aspects of gourds. From their oddly shaped seeds they produce prolific growth. The plants will spread and climb everything in their area: fences, trees, buildings, etc. They are a joy to watch growing, and require little care other than good regular watering. They must be harvested before a killing frost, as even a mild frost will usually damage them, causing them to rot rather than to cure and dry normally. Gourds are also surprising in their many and varied shapes and colors. When dried and cleaned, each one will have its own natural blemishes and scars, which serve to enhance their natural beauty. They are also surprising light and fragile. Dropping one from even a short height will usually crack it. Gourds are truly "nature's pottery".

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